Arkansas River Trail!

Some of you and some of you may not know this, but my love and I celebrated yet another monthiversary on Thursday (9/5)! ❤

And my baby boy Boots turned 7 months old yesterday (9/6)!

So in celebration, Boots and I walked 9.06 miles on the Arkansas River Trail with Charity Miles for Wounded Warrior Project! We got to see a lot of wonderful views over the pedestrian bridges: Big Dam Bridge and Two Rivers Park Bridge! We first walked over the river on the Big Dam Bridge, walked a little east just past Murray Park, turned around and walked all the back west to Two Rivers Park Bridge in time for sunset over the hills, then returned to the Big Dam Bridge to head back to the car! We walked for almost three hours, stopping to take pictures and grab water every now and then! I was even lucky enough to have a couple take the pictures of Boots and I near the end of our walk. Some of these pictures were taken in attempt of me trying to be artistic (i.e. the road, shadows, and power lines, etc.) It was a wonderful journey, and both Boots and I were exhausted afterwards. But it was absolutely gorgeous and a great time to just let nature do its work 🙂

IMG_5244 IMG_5245

SAM_0001 SAM_0002 SAM_0003 SAM_0004 SAM_0005 SAM_0006 SAM_0007 SAM_0008 SAM_0009 SAM_0010 SAM_0011 SAM_0012 SAM_0013 SAM_0014 SAM_0015 SAM_0016 SAM_0017 SAM_0018 SAM_0019 SAM_0020 SAM_0021 SAM_0022 SAM_0023 SAM_0024 SAM_0025 SAM_0026 SAM_0027 SAM_0028 SAM_0030 SAM_0031 SAM_0033 SAM_0035 SAM_0036 SAM_0037 SAM_0038 SAM_0039 SAM_0040 SAM_0041 SAM_0043 SAM_0044 SAM_0045 SAM_0046 SAM_0047 SAM_0048 SAM_0049 SAM_0050 SAM_0051 SAM_0053 SAM_0055 SAM_0056 SAM_0057 SAM_0060


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