Fishing Weekend!

Well, Saturday morning started with about an hour to ring in the weekend with Kristi 🙂 Then Saturday afternoon, my friend Rebecca and I went out and got our fishing licenses and visited Craig Campbell Reservoir on Lake Conway and had a blast! And Sunday (today), Boots and I went out to Beaverfork Lake for a little and then to Kristi’s neighborhood lake to sum up the weekend! So much water and sun time! Fun!

With Kristi and Boots!

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With Rebecca and Boots!

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Just Boots and mama 🙂

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Fishin’ Pals!

Today I had the incredible opportunity to go fishing with my friend Kristi at her parent’s house here in Conway and we had an absolute adventure! The sun was shining with just a few clouds, a little bit of a breeze: perfection.

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Mommy got one!

Mommy got one!


Kristi and her first fish of the night!

Kristi and her first fish of the night!

Here fishy fishy!

Here fishy fishy!

My first fish of the night :)

My first fish of the night 🙂

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Boots and mommy :)

Boots and mommy 🙂


Grrr! haha

Grrr! haha

As you can see from the pictures, Boots loved the water (he didn’t swim though)! He would stare at the bobbers in the water and whenever they moved, he would cock his head (sounds like we could train him, Chrys 😛 ) He tried attacking the fish each time we caught one and was so astounded by their movement. Kristi and I each caught a few fish, some of which swallowed the hook and we had to take back to the house to clean out and save to cook (although I won’t be partaking in the cooking or eating this time). It sure was a blast and I can’t wait to go out there again soon!

Boots’ First Dog Park Visit!

Today was my baby’s first day at a dog park and being around more than just three dogs 🙂 We went to Murray Park in Little Rock on a 2 acre fenced dog park! It made me think of a kindergartener going to their first day of school! We walked in, and he whined a little bit and turned back jumping on me. After being around the dogs a little bit, he started to run and play with them. And our last 45 minutes at the park, he was finally playing fetch and tug-o-war with a couple of the other dogs! It was a beautiful day with a high of 85 degrees, cool crisp air and not a cloud in the sky. It was a wonderful experience and we will definitely be going back on the weekends! Thank you to Chrys who brought this baby boy into our lives 🙂 And thank you to both of you for helping me from sun up to sun down to keep a smile on my face. I love you both!

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Arkansas River Trail!

Some of you and some of you may not know this, but my love and I celebrated yet another monthiversary on Thursday (9/5)! ❤

And my baby boy Boots turned 7 months old yesterday (9/6)!

So in celebration, Boots and I walked 9.06 miles on the Arkansas River Trail with Charity Miles for Wounded Warrior Project! We got to see a lot of wonderful views over the pedestrian bridges: Big Dam Bridge and Two Rivers Park Bridge! We first walked over the river on the Big Dam Bridge, walked a little east just past Murray Park, turned around and walked all the back west to Two Rivers Park Bridge in time for sunset over the hills, then returned to the Big Dam Bridge to head back to the car! We walked for almost three hours, stopping to take pictures and grab water every now and then! I was even lucky enough to have a couple take the pictures of Boots and I near the end of our walk. Some of these pictures were taken in attempt of me trying to be artistic (i.e. the road, shadows, and power lines, etc.) It was a wonderful journey, and both Boots and I were exhausted afterwards. But it was absolutely gorgeous and a great time to just let nature do its work 🙂

IMG_5244 IMG_5245

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Trail Walk!

September 1- Day 2 of the weekend! Boots and I went on an afternoon trail walk at Woolly Hollow State Park in Greenbrier just 25 minutes north of Conway. We used CharityMiles and walked 3.95 miles in support of Wounded Warrior Project in about an hour and a half. The sun and water was gorgeous! Beautiful butterflies, and a flowing creek with pedestrian bridges! Boots loved looking at the different things that were on the shore of the water, even a golfball stuck in the dirt! Lucky for us, as soon as we decided to leave, there came a message on the radio for a Severe Thunderstorm Warning that was on its way in. So we left just in time to get home before the rain came in!

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August 31- Day 1 of the weekend! Boots and I went on a 3.6 mile hike on the East Summit at Pinnacle Mountain State Park in Maumelle, AR. Only a 40 minute drive from my house, we climbed up rocks and boulders (I even had to carry him up the big ones sometimes!) to get to the summit. We woke up late, so we didn’t get there until sunrise, but the view was still gorgeous of the Arkansas River, the Ozarks, lakes and gorgeous green hills. It was an extremely fun experience! But next time I think we are gonna take the West Summit to see the sunset over the hills 🙂

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